20 August 2007

The Perfect Woman

I thought that headline might get your attention.

Lately, I've been fortunate enough to have watched some episodes of a new show called Burn Notice. It is a really well put together piece of entertainment with some pretty decent writing. Not Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip level writing, but noticeably good.
For a job like getting rid of the drug dealer next door, I'll take a hardware store over a gun any day. Guns make you stupid; better to fight your wars with duct tape. Duct tape makes you smart.
-- Michael Weston on the show Burn Notice

Ever since For Love or Money I have been a fan of Gabrielle Anwar. She's not my type if we are speaking about appearances, although she is easy enough on the eyes. No, here spirit and spunk are always radiated in the roles she portrays. It is if even though she is an actress, this thing inside of her always shines through. Something that signals this is me, this is Gabrielle; I may be acting but you know me still.

Her latest role on Burn Notice is no different, but this post isn't about the lovely actress. No instead it is about the character that is written for her: Fiona Glenanne.

Fiona is fiercely independent and fabulously feminine. No matter what craziness is going on, she can handle herself and back up the people she cares about. She knows when to ask for help and she does so clearly and deliberately. Uniquely, she knows when the person she cares about needs her and does what is required without pretense and drama. Her character is woman enough to want to talk about relationships and feelings, but practical enough to set them aside so she can beat up a bad guy, or escape in a high-speed car chase. Just a perfect partner. What is so interesting is that she isn't traditionally submissive or supportive. But then she is.
Michael: Fi, you're here.
Fiona: I came by for a visit. The door was locked so I broke in.
Michael: Fi I'm thrilled that you've come by but Sam and I need to talk about a job so you...
Fiona: Job? Sounds like fun. I'm in!
In the latest episode, you see that she recognizes their partnership and isn't afraid to ask for what she wants. "I wanna help him. Do it for me, Michael."
Michael: I just walked two miles with a twisted ankle. What happened to "Keep the car running"?
Fiona: The car was stolen Michael. Your feds were getting curious. I had a gun in the car. Our little mission was in danger of being compromised so I returned to base.
Michael: And broke in again.
Fiona: I think our little post operation briefing has taught us that you need a car and I need a key to your apartment.
Michael: A key? Aren't you more comfortable breaking in?
When all is said and done, I find that the character of Fiona Glenanne is the most perfect female character I've yet to come across.

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