29 August 2006

Busy and Sore on the Way to Balance

The last couple weeks have been ridiculously busy.  Between all the various things competing for attention, my work/life balance has taken quite a hit.  One area in particular was my workout schedule.

So I took some time for myself, enjoyed some relaxation with some friends and just rebalanced a little.  Finally on Sunday and Monday I was able to get back into the gym for a solid workout.  The feeling of happy tired is slowing returning as the endorphins kick in.  I vaguely remembered how it impacted me as I was whiling away the hours at work.  I would remind myself, get to it, it'll be good.  But then something would come up and it would get pushed.  Stop.  Rebalance.  Engage again, and happy tired now returns.

I'm very deliberate most of the time, but keeping the immediate needs lining up with the big picture throws me off just as much as the next guy.  Sometimes I wonder how other people keep their short and long aligned.

Any ideas?

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