25 July 2006

Never hesitate to eat ice cream in the dark

This one goes way back.  I remember once my Mom talking about making choices in life.  She once said I was an ice cream in the dark kind of kid.  What she meant was that if it came down to paying the electric bill or having ice cream, I'd rather sit in the dark with the ice cream.  My momma knows me.

This wasn't about ice cream, or food.  It was about embracing the pleasures around you.  Sometimes people say "It's the journey not the destination" or maybe "Stop and smell the roses".  These are other ways of saying enjoy life.  But of course it is one thing to just say "Enjoy life"; it is quite another to give practical guidance to help with the little decisions we have to make everyday.  If the choice is to stick to the safe habits and the drudgery of stability or to strike out and take risks, to hope for something more…then I choose hope.  I choose faith that tomorrow will come, and God will provide.

Now to be clear, this doesn't address the issue of integrity.  It is in no way a license or support for not paying your bills and being responsible.  It's just that the little details have a way of working themselves out.  Sometimes stretching for the goal and fully committing to the rope; is the only way to climb out of a hole.  Hope lets you do incredible things, but only if you have faith to act like your hope is inexhaustible.

Are you being timid?  Safe? When is the last time you just closed your eyes and fell?

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