20 June 2006

Celery: The Silent Killer

This is not a Veggie Tales post, even though it may have seemed like that.

Today while talking with a friend of mine about some nutritional stuff we were discussion vegetables and the like.  During the discussion the subject of how much fiber is in celery and how it burns more calories chewing it then it provides.  This was summed up in one sentence:
If all you eat is celery...you will die.
Now I know this might seem petty and insignificant to all of you high-brows out there, but I assure you, my world is consistently littered with the necessity to restate reality in such extremist terms.  I am after all, a consultant.

In this case, he was just taking the idea to its conclusion to put the right emphasis on the correct syllable. I found it a very refreshing and humorous way to retain forever in my mind the value of a balanced diet.

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